14 Actionable Copywriting Hacks to Get You out of a Funk

Will Lyth
5 min readFeb 28, 2018

People may assume professional writers spend their time daydreaming in their avant-garde apartments, drinking artisan coffee, waiting for the elusive creative spark to show up.

Maybe that’s the case for part-time copywriters or best-selling, multi-millionaire authors — but this cliche doesn’t fit the majority of copywriters making money…

If you’re paying your bills via travel blogging, copywriting or writing novels — you can’t wait for creativity or inspiration. You need to get up and write whether you’re feeling it or not.

So if you haven’t already… erase the hindering, cliche notion that creativity is a mysterious force that can only be grasped at specific periods in time — and there’s NOTHING you can do about it but to obey its mystical laws.

Believing that will only slow you down.

  • Get comfortable with the fact that some ideas are great while others are trash.
  • Accept that some mornings you’ll be itching to get writing and other days you won’t.
  • Know that the creativity, or whatever else you wish to call it, will show up once you get going.

I don’t twiddle my thumbs waiting for “Aha!” moments. I just research, write and edit. And some days are better than others (just like any other job).

Here are 14 tips that have helped me sharpen up my copy, and get more out of every hour spent in front of my laptop.

Copywriting tips to increase productivity

1. Turn off your phone and your laptop’s WI-FI

You can make an effort not to look at your phone while you’re working but having that distracting rectangle switched off does wonders for the mind. As for the WI-FI, once you’ve done your research, turn that off too.

No social media. No emails. No random Wikipedia searches to see how many goals Neymar has scored this season. They can wait. Just write.

2. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Sitting in a chair without moving a muscle for hours on end never brings out my best work. (Ask my old web developer buddies…

Will Lyth