If a “make 6-figures living the laptop lifestyle?” YouTube ad plays in a forest and no one is around to hear it… does it make a sound?

Who knows. Anyway…

There’s something to be said for “don’t overthink it — just go freelance now. You’ll figure the rest out as you go.”


It’s just that figuring the rest out can drag on. There are many pitfalls for first-time freelancers to sleepwalk into. So let’s get into them…

1. Not knowing what “success” looks like

My path into freelancing was the same as most people’s:

  1. Dream about going freelance for years.
  2. Research it like crazy as it seems too good to be true.
  3. Make yourself sick with inaction.
  4. Realising that the perfect moment will never come so you just go for it.

A few months later… you realise that you’ve done it.

Writing something worth reading takes time. And as you already know, writing about yourself or your company always seems to take twice as long as anything else.

You know the value that you/your product offers better than anyone — and that’s the obstacle. It’s easy to write too much, getting overly technical, or you just stare at your screen and never get going.

If you don’t feel good about writing your own website copy — and hiring a copywriter isn’t an option today — I’d suggest to try and write it yourself using this simple process.

Before you get fancy, nail the basics

“The sculpture is already…

(…It’s easy. No meditation, gratitude journal or diet change required.)

Not enough clients, struggling for time, chasing payments, feeling overwhelmed, lonely or lost… sound familiar?

There’s plenty to juggle when you’re a freelancer. Stressful situations can drag on for weeks and it’s 100% your problem to fix.

It’s awful to feel stuck in your business when you put so much into it but it can happen within minutes if you don’t catch what you’re saying to people, or worse — yourself.

I read about a concept recently that snapped me out of a bad spell of “freelancer blues” and I…

Being self-employed is the best. It really is. You have more control over your working hours, projects, and income as you get to shape your business around your lifestyle.

Despite all the benefits, being self-employed in a field that you truly love doesn’t make you immune to stress.

A small hit of stress gives you the urgency to get the wheels moving when starting out, but I let the stress take over: I worked too much and slept too little as the fun parts of my life took a backseat to a ‘WORK MORE OR DIE’ mindset.

(Side note: be…

I remember feeling a wave of joy having received glowing feedback and prompt payment for a week-long copywriting project. It was my first ‘proper gig’ — which gave me the push I needed to make copywriting my full-time source income.

Sitting back drinking a coffee in town, I flicked through Twitter where I read an article about Artificial Intelligence (AI); I was shocked to learn that The Washington Post was already using AI to write basic news articles…

(That ‘wave of joy’ was murdered in a heartbeat.)

How typical. After quitting a job in a thriving industry and typing my…

People may assume professional writers spend their time daydreaming in their avant-garde apartments, drinking artisan coffee, waiting for the elusive creative spark to show up.

Maybe that’s the case for part-time copywriters or best-selling, multi-millionaire authors — but this cliche doesn’t fit the majority of copywriters making money…

If you’re paying your bills via travel blogging, copywriting or writing novels — you can’t wait for creativity or inspiration. You need to get up and write whether you’re feeling it or not.

So if you haven’t already… erase the hindering, cliche notion that creativity is a mysterious force that can only…

Birds fly. Fish swim. Copywriters write copy…

That’s what I was thinking, repeatedly, after I was asked to write a few SOPs for one of my retainer clients during a rare period of downtime.

(I just wasn’t too happy about it…)

So, in case you didn’t know, what are SOPs?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written instructions to achieve a consistent performance of a specific function.

Need to outsource an Adwords campaign or some blog posts? Write some SOPs detailing each step to ensure they are executed as smoothly as possible.

A few months later, and I’m glad I was…

Copywriting is a dirty profession

If you write copy for a living, I hope you don’t complain when athletes get caught doping.

We are cut from the same cloth… look at all the things we do to make our copy bigger, stronger and faster.

We use headline analysers, advanced spell checkers, software that spies on our competitors, and apps to help us fine-tune our every word. Disgusting.

The game has changed, we’re out of control, the modern copywriter will do anything to write better copy.

So, am I upset with the current state of copywriting?

…Heck no. I’m juiced to the gills.

My favourite performance enhancing copywriting tools

1. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

What it’s REALLY like to work on a cruise ship…

After working three years at the same job, I found myself in a group interview.

The job: a six-month contract as a sales assistant on board a cruise ship.

A few weeks prior to this interview the thought of working on cruise ships had never entered my mind.

I applied as my cousin had just returned home after a year at sea working as a personal trainer. Having seen his Facebook posts over the months I knew this was something I had to try…

My cousin recommended applying for a job in the shops as the “shoppies” had more time…

Will Lyth

Conversion copywriter for coaches & consultants – based by the seaside in Brighton & Hove, UK | www.alloutcopy.com

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